DBI driver for Firebird and InterBase®

2001-04-18 CVS update
  • Now works correctly with negative INT64 values.
2001-03-26 Version 0.25.1 released
  • Small fix to Makefile.PL
2001-03-24 Version 0.25 released
  • Added _experimental_ private method set_tx_param() for setting transaction parameters.
  • More robust $sth->execute().
  • Added more tests.
  • Easier `make test`. Now allows user to specify test database, as well as username, and password to connect. The test database creation is automated, if it doesn't exist.
2001-02-13 CVS update
  • Applied a small, yet very important patch from Mike Shoyher which fixes bus error on SPARC machines.
2001-02-08 Web site updated
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