DBI driver for Firebird and InterBase®

2001-06-13 Version 0.28 released
  • Fixed problem with DATE and TIMESTAMP fields (Daniel Ritz).
  • Fixed problem with BLOB for repeated uses of $sth under AutoCommit mode.
  • Fixed a buffer overflow in ib_fill_isqlda (Daniel Ritz).
  • Added PatchBCC and a fix for clean compile with Borland C++ compiler (Daniel Ritz).
  • Updated FAQ and documentation.
2001-05-05 Win32 porter needed
  • We are looking for a porter to make the current code passes all tests and works fine on Win32 platform.
2001-05-04 Version 0.27 released
  • Fixed memory leak in bind param.
2001-04-28 Version 0.26 released
  • Bug fixes for 0.25.1, and updated docs.
2001-04-19 CVS update. The next release is coming up!
  • Fix to dbdimp.h by Daniel Ritz.
  • Nullify var->sqldata and tpb_buffer when cleaning up.
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