DBI driver for Firebird and InterBase®

2002-09-08 Version 0.40 released
    This release contains bug fixes and introduces several new features.
  • Fixed incorrect ib_role parsing.
  • Better INT64 numeric support.
  • Fixed EXECUTE PROCEDURE without return value.
  • Defaults for ib_timestampformat, ib_dateformat, ib_timeformat now can be changed. Added two special formats for dealing with date/time values. Added ib_time_all.
  • Support for event alerter. (warning: still experimental).
  • ib_database_info private methods to retrieve IB/FB specific database information.
  • Support multiline DSN.
2002-04-05 Version 0.30 released
    There are lots of bug fixes and improvements. Here is the list of user visible changes (for more complete list please see the Changes file):
  • Added ib_softcommit driver-specific attribute to control soft commit behavior.
  • Major updates to set_tx_param(), now supports table reservation.
  • Fixed warnings when compiled with DBI >= 1.20.
  • Major updates to 64 bit numeric type handling.
  • Update to type_info_all().
  • Fixed ChopBlanks on SPARC Solaris.
  • Fixed table_info() to show views correctly.
  • set_tx_param() in AutoCommit mode commits open transaction.
2001-08-01 Version 0.28.4 released
    This is a bug fix release by Daniel Ritz.
  • Fixed problem with repeated execute() in AutoCommit mode.
  • Now always rollback open transaction on disconnect.
  • Fixed a problem in set_tx_param().
2001-07-10 CVS update
  • Fix to problem fetching BLOB field with zero maximum segment size.
2001-06-28 Change Development Status
  • It's Beta now! :-)
2001-06-24 PPM package available
  • Win32 binary now available as a PPM package. Check the download page.
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